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Pharmaceutical and medical law

The Law Firm provides services to pharmaceutical companies, entities active on the market of medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements, as well as to medical service centers. We render legal assistance dedicated to certain situations and complex legal advice. Our Law Firm provides our clients with integrated transactional, tax and finance services based on cooperation with other KPMG departments in Poland and worldwide.

We provide legal advisory services to entities active on the market of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

In addition, we provide advice to clients operating within medical and pharmaceutical sectors on matters falling within the scope of personal data protection, buying and selling of databases, and drawing up branch-specific rules and regulations, as well as marketing of their own products.

In view of changes in the medical services sector, we focus on providing medical market entities with safe and effective legal
solutions. Legal advisory services that we provide to medical service centers comprise in particular:

  • creating, transforming and liquidating medical service centers,
  • registration of medical service centers,
  • principles of practicing medical professions,
  • premises requirements for medical service centers’ premises,
  • rules on conducting, storing and disclosing of medical documentation and protection of patients’ personal data,
  • patients’ rights,
  • drafting agreements for rendering healthcare services and organizational bylaws of medical service centers,
  • drafting specimen management contracts for medical service centers’ managers,
  • providing healthcare services financed out of public funds,
  • representing clients during inspections by the National Health Fund,
  • seeking claims in court and conciliatory proceedings in cases of the so-called “overspending”,
  • representing medical service centers in proceedings for medical compensation,
  • carrying out complex due diligence analyses concerning healthcare entities legal safety, legal compliance and effectiveness of procedures in force, contracts concluded and health records maintained.


Our clients operate in all market segments, which imposes on us an obligation to provide a highly complex scope of legal services. Complexity of our offer is expressed in a wide number of specializations, including those that are commonly applied in business, and niche expert knowledge.

At the same time, in order to improve efficiency of our services and optimize their costs, our experts specializing in particular areas of law liaise in permanent or ad hoc teams to provide comprehensive services tailored to individual needs of our clients.

Pęk światłowodów

New technology | IT | telecommunications

KPMG LAW D.Dobkowski sp.k. has an extensive experience in the provision of legal advisory services on development, implementation and use of IT systems, as well as on telecommunication solutions and transfer of technologies. In line with the ongoing digitization of the economy, we provide legal support on projects related to cloud services and artificial intelligence.

We enhance our legal competence with a thorough knowledge of characteristics of new technologies, individual industries and business background. Our additional asset is our close cooperation with other experts from the KPMG Group in the field of IT, financial, economic and cybersecurity advisory.

We deliver our services to private and public entities. Our tasks include provision of advice on projects and investments co-financed from the European Union funds.

Our lawyers act in cases involving:

  • implementation of IT solutions, including the on-premises model and the cloud model,
  • legal services in the field of delivery, system integration, data migration, transfer of rights, copyright agreements regarding software (including migration to the cloud environment),
  • legal advice for telecommunications entrepreneurs, digital service providers (including e-commerce), cloud service providers (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS),
  • verification and negotiation of contracts with cloud service providers, in particular in the field of data confidentiality, interoperability and data portability, as well as in supplier verification procedures – taking into account the issues of vendor lock-in and a potential limitation of the customer’s position, validity, continuity and availability of services and minimization of costs related to a potential change of supplier,
  • provision of advice in the area of cybersecurity and protection of personal and non-personal data,
  • purchase of technologies and databases,
  • agreements accompanying the implementation of IT systems – including service level agreements (SLA), post-implementation assistance agreements, software escrow agreements,
  • contracts for the supply of telecommunications networks and lines,
  • license agreements for enterprise management systems (ERP, CRM), maintenance of IT systems in the enterprise, outsourcing of IT services,
  • implementation of integrated IT systems (e.g. for servicing company branches and customers; public ICT infrastructure for state authorities, institutions, enterprises and citizens),
  • IT environment security audits (system support by the supplier, providing updates and new versions of software, protection of data and confidential information processed in the network) – compliance with the law, internal regulations of the organization and applicable standards.

In IT projects, our ambition is to develop a legal framework that will allow the safe use of software and ensure proper data protection, and in the case of services (including cloud services) – a framework that will allow a proper implementation, configuration and use of the services. Thanks to our experience in the regulatory area, e.g. in the field of telecommunications, we also know how important it is to be always ready to adapt to the constantly changing legal environment.

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Geological and mining law | shale gas

We have gained extensive experience through our cooperation with numerous exploration and extraction enterprises, both Polish and foreign. We provide legal assistance to Clients intending to set up in Poland business activity that requires geological concession. Our knowledge, experience and familiarity with the characteristics of the domestic energy sector enables entrepreneurs to attain their goals and implement the planned investments.

An offer for our services is always individually tailored to the needs of our Clients and comprises in particular:

  • Participation in the concession process
  • Supervising fulfilment of the concession obligations
  • Concession transfer
  • Obtaining environmental impact assessment for the project
  • Support for investors in their contacts with local authorities and residents
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with real estate owners and contractors
  • Investment-related legal advice
  • Providing opinion on legislative acts

Bankruptcy and restructuring

The team of the Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP has been for many years providing advice on carrying out rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures. We provide our Clients with the assistance in the event of both loss and the threatening loss of their liquidity, as well as in the financial problems our Clients have due to reasons resting with their debtors.

If financial difficulties occur and our Clients face the risk of insolvency, we advise on business restructuring and bankruptcy and rehabilitation procedures. We are perfectly aware that dynamic changes in financial situation of business entities necessitate fast and effective reaction.

Our lawyers efficiently merge their experience gained in providing our Clients with day-to-day legal advisory services with professional knowledge of bankruptcy and rehabilitation law, rehabilitation procedures and the specificity of cross-border bankruptcy procedures.

Acting as part of the KPMG structure, we offer our Clients comprehensive legal advisory services based on our cooperation with other KPMG departments in Poland and worldwide, in particular within the scope of tax, economic and financial analysis, which enables us to protect our Clients’ interest in cross-border restructuring.

We assist our Clients in bankruptcy procedures, i.e., depending on the needs, we draw up legal analyses concerning permissibility and cost effectiveness of declaration of bankruptcy, assess asset-related and penal risks that may have to be faced by members of the companies’ bodies due to the financial situation of the entities they manage. We provide advice on consequences of the declaration of bankruptcy for the bankrupt and the creditors, including advice on the binding effect of acts in law carried out by the bankrupt. We represent the Clients in litigation, and in relations with the official receiver or bankruptcy estate administrator, we draft petitions in bankruptcy, petitions for rehabilitation procedure opening, pleadings, complaints and motions required in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, such documents covering, among others, submission of claims, advice on the arrangement conclusion and revocation, management of property included in the bankruptcy estate, bankruptcy estate liquidation, seeking claims against the bankrupt.

Intellectual and industrial property

D.Dobkowski LP has had long experience in providing its Clients with advice on business-related use of intellectual and industrial property.

The said rights, although intangible, are of major significance in business and, very often, of high economic value, decisive for reputation, commercial recognition, market position and competitive edge of an entrepreneur. It is hardly possible to find an entrepreneur whose activity would not involve using intellectual property rights or effects of its employees or contractors’ work.

In view of the above, our Law Firm renders services covering trading in intellectual and industrial property rights, protection against their infringement, support in disputes referring to such rights, securing claims, as well as obtaining and maintaining protection (with reference to all types of works, computer programs, trademarks, designations, patents, utility models, industrial designs, know-how and other). Our experience in that respect is described in section Telecommunications, New Technology, IT Law.

We provide advice on business use of designations of products and services (labels, brands, logotypes, etc.), and deal with transfers of technologies (proprietary rights, licenses) in domestic and international transactions. Our advisory services cover also use of copyrights for the purposes of promotion and advertising in the Internet and the media.

We are involved in the property protection issues in Poland, the EU and worldwide, where we act both in court disputes and before authorities competent for industrial and intellectual property registration and protection (Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (OHIM), other offices and authorities competent for protection of designations and patents under respective international treaties and conventions). We support our Clients in combating unfair competition, piracy and palming off of goods, and in their actions against deceptive advertising.

As part of the capital groups transformations and entities restructuring we prepare optimization projects involving reuse of proprietary rights over intangible assets.

Among our Clients are: well-established commercial networks and centers, dealer and franchise networks, entities operating within the media and advertising markets.

Skyline miasta z biurowcem po prawej

Real estate and construction law

D. Dobkowski LP, a law firm associated with KPMG, has almost 20 years of experience in providing legal assistance in the area of trading, development and management of real estate.

Our real estate team, composed of attorneys-at-law and advocates, provides complex legal services to numerous Clients including, among others, investment funds, pension funds, real estate funds, general contractors, architect offices, developers as well as financial institutions. We provide advice in relation to commercial investments, i.e., commercial malls and centers, office buildings, logistics parks, industrial buildings, wind farms, housing and infrastructural projects.

The Law Firm D. Dobkowski offers you comprehensive assistance in the area of real estate and contruction law, including in particular:

  • Transaction Preparation and Cost Optimization
  • Due Diligence Analyses
  • Transaction Implementation
  • Investment Process
  • Commercialization
  • Construction works
  • Public-Private Partnership
  • Insurance and Guarantees
  • Financing real estate transactions
  • Real Estate Mediation and Litigation; Restructuring
Zbliżenie na budynek biurowy

Company law / corporate services

Corporate law and services belong to the most important areas of expertise and practice of the Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP. For many years we have provided specialized legal assistance within the above-mentioned scope for major domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

We offer complex advisory services within the scope of corporate law and services, from company incorporation, through comprehensive day-to-day legal services and company restructuring, to the conclusion of company legal existence.

The Firm’s lawyers, forming the corporate law and services team, have unrivalled expert knowledge and long experience within that field of law. They combine experience gained in the process of rendering corporate services with knowledge and practice from other fields of law, as well as familiarity with the local market and specificity of international business transactions.

Penal liability of collective entities / governing bodies’ members

Legal sanctions may refer also to legal persons and other organizational units. Both the commencement of penal proceedings and their result may vitally threaten an entity’s business interest and its reputation.

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP, in order to meet its Client’s expectations, created a team of criminal business law experts who, thanks to their long and extensive experience, are able to perfectly comprehend the Client’s business environment and tailor our offer to individual needs. Our advisory services cover in particular:

Organizing and conducting trainings for managerial staff

We organize and conduct trainings aimed at providing managerial staff with information on penal liability and presenting solutions that help avoiding infringement of the law.

Drafting opinions

We draw up legal opinions on legal risks connected with penal liability of business entities and their management. Opinions include fact analysis, their compliance/incompliance with legal requirements and recommendations concerning the identified risks and inaccuracies.


This service is addressed to legal persons and organizational units, and leads to introduction of internal procedures aimed at eliminating the risk of such entities’ liability for forbidden acts. Procedures drawn up by our experts take into account each branch’s specificity and the Client’s corporate structure. In addition, we adjust international/foreign procedures to Polish law requirements and corporate practice.

Legal audit aimed at identifying and eliminating risk of occurrence of the grounds for penal liability

We analyze documents of the Client, being a legal person or an organizational unit, with a view to identifying possible risks connected with the Client, as a collective entity’s, liability for prohibited acts.

Client representation

We represent the Clients at all stages of penal proceedings and proceedings concerning collective entities’ liability for forbidden acts involving, in particular, offences against business trading, money and securities trading, and tax offences.

Legal assistance in forensic procedures / crisis response

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP renders legal services covering identification of frauds and economic offences. In the course of our examination of factual circumstances that give rise to doubts we analyze causes of any malpractice, and then recommend and implement internal procedures aimed at preventing their occurrence. We also provide comprehensive legal advice with reference to legal consequences of the identified frauds or economic offences.

We also provide comprehensive legal advice with reference to legal consequences of the identified frauds or economic offences.

Our services cover in particular the following matters:

  • identifying the abuses and offences committed,
  • gathering evidence for the purposes of court proceedings connected with the abuses and offences committed,
  • recommending legal measures falling within the scope of penal, civil and labor law proceedings in connection with the identified abuses and offences,
  • cooperation with the law enforcement authorities,
  • representation in court proceedings concerning the abuses and offences committed,
  • providing recommendation and support concerning the implementation of abuse and offence prevention procedures,
  • carrying out legal audit aimed at identifying factors instigating the fraud risk,
  • providing legal assistance during internal audits, including assistance in audits verifying consistence with personal data protection and labor law requirements,
  • analyzing and assessing corporate policies and documents as to the risk of occurrence of abuses and offences,
  • conducting trainings on identification of abuses and offences, and counteracting their occurrence.

Legal audits offered by our Law Firm are usually combined with financial audit carried out by the KPMG finance and cash flow experts. Findings made in the course of such review proved efficient in the penal and/or civil law proceedings instituted by our Clients against abuse or offence perpetrators.

Banking and finance

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP has long and wide experience in the provision of legal assistance in the field of banking and finance.

Our team is composed of attorneys-at-law and advocates, who are experts in financial markets law and banking law.

Regulatory issues

We advise financial sector institutions intending to launch in Poland their business, consisting in the provision of banking or financial services, in the form of joint stock companies, branches of lending or financial institutions, or as part of their cross-border operation.

Advice to the financial institutions’ Clients

We act on behalf of both, lenders and borrowers, providing our legal advice with reference to products offered by banks or consortia of banks and lending institutions (credit facilities, factoring, cash pooling), agreements for securing bank loan claims, provision of funds for the purchase of shares, debt repayment renegotiation, share redemption, factoring and mortgage loans. Our assistance comprises not only traditional Corporate Finance advice, but also Project Finance advice, where we assist in creating structures and conducting project negotiations.


Our Law Firm provides also legal assistance to domestic and international insurance companies operating in Poland, as well as those considering launching such activity there.

We specialize in regulatory issues and system solutions drafting.

We have experience in handling non-typical interdisciplinary projects involving organizational restructuring of insurers, with specific emphasis on the system of sales network management.

We also assist in the issues relating to insurance secret and internal audit at insurance companies.

Protection of competition and state aid

For many years, the competition law and state aid team of D. Dobkowski LP Law Firm has been providing advisory services connected with anti-monopoly regulations, relating to horizontal and vertical agreements executed between undertakings (including in particular those connected with the execution of distribution agreements).

Agreements and dominant position

We render comprehensive advisory services in the area of managing cartel cases, including the application of leniency, and the cases relating to the abuse of the dominant position.

We also conduct due diligence analyses of businesses as regards their compliance with the competition law and review the contractual provisions in terms of compliance.


The Law Firm provides advisory services relating to concentrations of undertakings, including those relating to sales of shares, company mergers, divisions and takeovers of companies, as well as joint venture agreements, including in particular proceedings before the Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Office and the European Commission.

State aid

Our Law Firm offers services in the area of state aid to the beneficiaries as well as the granting authorities and competitors of the state aid beneficiaries.

Counteracting unfair competition and protecting collective interest of consumers

We provide legal assistance in counteracting unfair competition and in cases involving infringement of collective interest of consumers; in particular we analyse certain market practices in the light of the provisions of law in force and represent our Clients in disputes, including those before common courts and the Competition and Consumer Protection Office.

Mergers and acquisitions

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP has long experience in the provision of legal advisory services on acquisitions and mergers of companies and their restructuring. Our Cliests are prominent domestic and foreign investors from both private and public sector.

The M&A team is composed of lawyers, who have successfully handled both domestic and international high-status transactions over many years. Each project is handled by a team set specifically for that purpose and comprising lawyers who specialize in applicable branches of law. In addition, we strictly cooperate with KPMG tax and accounting experts, which enables us to provide our Clients with comprehensive and multidisciplinary assistance.

In the M&A area we render comprehensive legal services comprising most often the following:

Due Diligence

We have considerable experience in carrying out due diligence analyses and owner’s reviews (including the so-called vendor’s due diligence), as well as drawing up reports for the purposes of the enterprises’ consolidation/restructuring. Analyses we prepare are aimed at identifying potential legal risks before the investor makes its strategic business decisions. The scope of analyses and the level of their detail is each time agreed with the Client and adjusted to the Client’s needs and specificity of the transaction.

Determining the projected transaction structure and optimization of its costs

Taking into account both legal and tax status of the entities engaged in a certain project, we develop an optimum legal and tax transaction model. Thanks to our cooperation with KPMG tax and accounting experts we ensure a comprehensive approach to the above issues.

Legal assistance in the transaction

The Law Firm provides complete legal assistance in the transactions of all types, i.e., performed on shares and/or businesses or on assets. As part of our legal assistance, we draft relevant agreements, gather the required documentation and support our Clients in the negotiation process. We also provide comprehensive services with reference to the transaction closing and the so-called post-acquisition services.

Employee-related issues

In the course of the transaction or restructuring, we advise our Clients on all employee-related matters as well as issues pertaining to trade unions and collective laboor agreements. Our support covers also existing or planned management remunerating systems.

Transaction financing and refinancing

We offer complex legal support to institutions that finance or refinance transactions. Our services in that respect cover in particular project finance advice. Our lawyers have broad experience in drafting and reviewing finance-related documentation, and providing advice on the required equity contribution.

Post-transaction legal issues

We offer our Clients comprehensive legal assistance as regards any and all issues arising as a result of takeovers or mergers of businesses. The above refers to consolidation, standardization and integration of employment or contract issues within the broadly defined corporate area.

Kobieta sprawdzająca wykres na ekranie ściennym

Capital markets

In this area we act, among others, for public companies, entities intending to make their initial public offering (IPO) and financial institutions acting on the regulated market, such as brokerage houses, banks and investment funds.

Our Law Firm provides, among others, advisory services concerning issuance and trading in securities as well as performance of disclosure obligations. At the request of our financial sector Clients, we draft, among others, contracts and rules and regulations concerning brokerage activities. We provide legal advice with reference to regulatory issues linked with the operation of financial instruments trading systems. Our considerable experience includes also public companies mergers and delisting.

We address a portion of our services to managerial staff, for whom we create compensation programs tailored to individual needs and conditions, such programs based on financial instruments (the so-called ”management stock options”). We also advise on various issues related to liability for running a public company.

In the scope of capital markets the Law Firm closely cooperates with KPMG finance, banking and tax law experts. We implement numerous advisory projects where economic problems interweave with corporate law and corporate governance issues, such as designing foreign exchange risk management systems or corporate structures optimization with the use of financial instruments.

Młotek sędziowski na blacie

Litigation, arbitration and risk management

D.Dobkowski LP has a team of advocates and attorneys-at-law with wide experience in domestic and international litigation and arbitration proceedings in virtually all the fields of law and types of proceedings. Our wide experience in these areas covers also representing our Clients before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

Litigation we are involved in covers in particular:

Civil and economic cases

  • we provide complex legal services within the scope of drafting all pleas and pleadings, also in proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings, as well as representing the Clients before common courts, the Supreme Court and courts of arbitration, both in Poland and abroad.

Labor law cases

  • we majorly represent employers in proceedings instituted by employees, in particular with reference to payment of remuneration for work, claims referring to dissolution of employment relationship and financial liability of employees.

Administrative cases

  • we represent our Clients in proceedings before administrative authorities, Voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, in particular with reference to cases instituted under the construction law, spatial development law, environmental law, tax law and customs code.

Penal cases

  •  our team of experienced advocates handles cases referring to offences against business transactions and proceedings instituted under the penal fiscal code.

We also provide risk management assistance to our Clients through:

  • reviewing company’s organizational and operating structure and mapping key risk areas related to individual responsibility of each of the individual management team members and key personnel,
  • verifying whether the governance and decision making rules within the company allow for a clear allocation of duties and responsibilities among the individual management team members and key personnel.

Conventional and renewable energy

We have extensive experience built on the basis of our cooperation with the biggest Polish power industry. We also provide legal assistance to foreign Clients, planning or starting their business activity in the Polish energy sector.

Our familiarity with the nature of the domestic energy sector and knowledge of its technical conditions enables us to equip our services with a considerable added value.

Our services are always individually tailored to the needs of our Clients and comprises in particular:

Privatization and business ownership transformations

We have extensive experience in providing legal advice on privatization within the energy sector.

Energy enterprises restructuring

We draw up comprehensive legal solutions for restructuring of energy enterprises (amalgamations, divisions, reorganizations of companies and groups of companies).

Renewable energy sources

We render comprehensive advisory services relating to the implementation of investments in the renewable energy sources, such services comprising both conducting that type of investments and purchasing finished projects.

Regulatory issues and litigation

We represent interest of energy enterprises in administrative proceedings before the President of the Polish Energy Regulatory Office and the President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, and in litigation relating to the energy law application.

Energy market contracts

We advise in negotiations relating to the supply and distribution agreements, agreements for the sale of fuels and energy as well as interconnection agreements with energy enterprises.

Investment advisory services

We offer also comprehensive legal advisory services with reference to other investments in the energy sector.

Labour Law

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP offers advisory services in all aspects of labour law, in particular within the scope of: establishment and termination of employment relationships, employment reduction (including collective redundancy), takeover of work establishments, matters relating to collective bargaining and relationships with trade unions (among others in the course of privatization and merger procedures), conducting due diligence in the area of labour law and employee benefits.

We provide legal advice on contractual relations between the company and its management board members as well as management staff, we also offer our experience in drawing up so-called managerial contracts.

We represent both employers and employees in employment-related litigation, in particular in cases concerning remuneration for work, claims stemming from termination of employment relationship and financial liability of employees.

Our services relating to labour law include among others: consultations and preparation of legal opinions, drafting documents, participating in negotiations and representing Clients in both, court and administrative proceedings.

The Law Firm also provides advice to the Clients in respect of provisions of labour law applicable in the European Union, i.e., regarding the possibilities of, and conditions for, the nationals of one EU member state undertaking employment in another EU member state under the so-called freedom of movement for employees.

European Union Law

EU Law Team of D. Dobkowski LP Law Firm offers legal advisory services pertaining to various aspects of functioning of private and public entities on the basis of EU regulations.

These include, in particular, analyses and opinions regarding conformity of legal acts and bill drafts with EU law. The Team has been engaged in drafting expert opinions for the Committee of European Integration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding, inter alia, transport and tax law.

Our EU Law Team possesses extensive experience in conducting legal proceedings and disputes touching upon or based on the EU law. It entails proceedings before EU institutions, including administrative (European Commission) and judicial bodies (Court of Justice, General Court, Civil Service Tribunal), as well as agencies (Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market). In addition, the Law Office renders legal advisory services concerning disputes and proceedings before Polish civil and administrative courts and bodies where cases involving the EU are brought.

We provide comprehensive services adapted to the needs of our Clients, including advisory, drafting of motions, applications and complaints, as well as representation in the course of proceedings or disputes. Members of the Team have been dealing with complaints to the EU courts concerning, inter alia:

  • carbon credits,
  • reimbursement of state aid,
  • penalties imposed by the Commission in the proceedings connected with breach of the EU competition law,
  • employee-related matters concerning the EU officers,
  • production levies in the sugar sector and,
  • community trademarks.

Public procurement

Our Law Firm has a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in public procurement law, public-private partnership and concessions for construction works or services.

The legal advice provided by our Law Office includes in particular:

In the area of public procurement law

  • drawing up pre-implementation legal analyses,
  • legal advice at the choice of the public procurement awarding procedure,
  • drafting bid documents,
  • assisting in negotiations,
  • reviewing applications for admission to tender procedure and assessing tenders,
  • drafting public procurement contracts,
  • acting in appeal proceedings,
  • providing legal advice in the course of performance of a public procurement contract.

In the area public-private partnership

  • drawing up pre-implementation legal analyses,
  • providing legal advice on determining the mode of a private party choice,
  • providing legal advice on public finance issues,
  • drawing up documentation for the purposes of proceedings for a private party choice,
  • providing legal advice on risk identification and sharing,
  • participating in negotiations,
  • assisting in tenders assessment,
  • providing legal advice on project abandoning,
  • drafting public-private partnership contracts,
  • acting in appeal proceedings,
  • providing legal advice in the course of performance of public-private partnership contracts.

Environmental protection

The team of D. Dobkowski LP Law Firm consists of lawyers with high degree of specialization in law of environmental protection and preservation of nature. We provide our Clients with legal assistance on matters referring strictly to the natural environment protection and those merely connected therewith

Our services are addressed first of all to waste managing companies and entities, whose activities each time require assessment from the point of view of compliance with law of environmental protection and preservation of nature.

Among our Clients are also numerous companies active in the fields of real estate, as well as motor vehicles sector and energy industry.

Legal advisory services of the Law Firm include assessment, on the basis of Polish and EU law, of the most important aspects of companies’ activity, such as: use of land, waters and air, gas emissions, waste management, protection against noise and emissions. In connection with the above, we draw up:

  • opinions containing interpretation of legal provisions regarding environmental protection for the purposes of investment and in the course of administrative proceedings,
  • analyses of regulatory environment of companies, resulting from law of environmental protection,
  • analyses and due diligence reports with respect to potential risks and liability for environmental law breach,
  • analyses for the needs of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate concerning damage to the natural environment both already known and to be revealed in the future (pollution of soil, water, etc.),
  • analyses concerning obligations connected with being awarded environmental permits and the possibility of their transfer to third parties,
  • action plans concerning environmental impact assessments,
  • draft contract documentation.

We also represent the Clients in court and administrative proceedings, where we act before

  • public administration bodies with regard to the cases related to the environmental protection (regarding the non-environmental infringement and restitution of the previous condition, water and sewage management, waste treatment, penalties, charges and liability for damage to the environment)
  • state administration bodies with regard to the cases related to the issuance of the environmental decisions, integrated decisions, permits for emission of substances and energy to the environment
  • common courts with regard to the cases related to the infringement of the regulations providing for liability for pollution of environment.

We emphasize our experience in the field of drafting agreements on sale of the right to green-house gases emission and explanation of the related legal issues. We have gained the relevant experience while representing the Polish Government in dispute with the European Commission.