Michał Komar

Attorney-at-Law, Senior Associate
The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP

Professional experience:

Michał Komar has joined D.Dobkowski Law Firm in 2017. He specializes in law provisions within Life Science issues. Michał provides legal advice on all matters relating to the authorization of medicinal products for marketing and placing medical devices, dietary supplements (foodstuffs for particular nutritional use) and cosmetics on the market – their manufacturing, distribution advertising and covering them with the reimbursement from public funds. Moreover, Michał renders legal advice on issues concerning setting up and carrying on of medical service centres.



Education and qualifications

Master of Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University

Diploma in introduction to English and European Union Law, British Law Centre, University of Cambridge


Member of the Warsaw Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law


State of epidemiological emergency - challenges for the healthcare sector

The coronavirus pandemic has put the entire economic system, especially the healthcare sector, to the difficult test. A sudden increase in infected patients and a huge demand for medicines, personal protective equipment, medical equipment and devices are only few of challenges currently faced by healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers. At the same…