Confirmation of fulfilment of employer’s statutory responsibilities under labour law

Anti-discrimination policy, covering prevention of mobbing and unequal treatment, including harassment

In recent months, numerous instances of workplace mobbing and discrimination have been reported to the public. It is the employers, on whom an obligation to ensure that such acts do not occur at the workplace was imposed. In response to the employers’ needs, the Law Firm D. Dobkowski sp.k. established a team of experts possessing knowledge and experience enabling them to verify and confirm that the employer fulfilled the above-mentioned and other obligations under the labour law.

We offer legal services in the following areas:

  • verification of observance of anti-discrimination laws, including provisions on prevention of mobbing and unequal treatment, including harassment,
  • analysis of observance of provisions on working time, payment of remuneration and other employee benefits,
  • verification of implementation of the required labour law regulations, including work regulations, remuneration rules, employee benefit fund regulations,
  • analysing of correctness concerning employee documentation preparation and storage.

Anti-discrimination policy covers in particular the following actions on the part of the employer:

  • respecting dignity and other personal rights of employees,
  • neutralising events that have already occurred,
  • taking preventative measures,
  • expanding employees awareness,
  • repairing damage caused by mobbing, harassment, unequal treatment.

We may help you by:

  • clarifying the manner of fulfilment of your anti-discrimination responsibilities,
  • providing assistance in ensuring that the implemented procedures and practices are consistent with the provisions of law,
  • taking over the functions connected with the acceptance of notifications on irregularities and reporting them to the employer,
  • conducting clarification proceedings with reference to the alleged or suspected mobbing or unequal treatment, including harassment,
  • providing legal assistance in civil law cases for compensation,
  • providing legal assistance in criminal law cases for mobbing or harassment,
  • keeping you up-to-date with amendments to the labour law, in particular, anti-discrimination provisions.