Conventional and renewable energy

We have extensive experience built on the basis of our cooperation with the biggest Polish power industry. We also provide legal assistance to foreign Clients, planning or starting their business activity in the Polish energy sector.

Our familiarity with the nature of the domestic energy sector and knowledge of its technical conditions enables us to equip our services with a considerable added value.

Our services are always individually tailored to the needs of our Clients and comprises in particular:

Privatization and business ownership transformations

We have extensive experience in providing legal advice on privatization within the energy sector.

Energy enterprises restructuring

We draw up comprehensive legal solutions for restructuring of energy enterprises (amalgamations, divisions, reorganizations of companies and groups of companies).

Renewable energy sources

We render comprehensive advisory services relating to the implementation of investments in the renewable energy sources, such services comprising both conducting that type of investments and purchasing finished projects.

Regulatory issues and litigation

We represent interest of energy enterprises in administrative proceedings before the President of the Polish Energy Regulatory Office and the President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, and in litigation relating to the energy law application.

Energy market contracts

We advise in negotiations relating to the supply and distribution agreements, agreements for the sale of fuels and energy as well as interconnection agreements with energy enterprises.

Investment advisory services

We offer also comprehensive legal advisory services with reference to other investments in the energy sector.