Environmental protection

The team of D.Dobkowski sp. k. Law Firm consists of lawyers with high degree of specialization in law of environmental protection and of preservation of nature. We provide our Clients with legal assistance in matters referring strictly to the natural environment protection and those merely connected therewith.

Legal advisory services of the Law Firm include assessment, on the basis of Polish and EU law, of the most important aspects of companies’ activity, such as: use of land, waters and air, gas emissions, waste management, protection against noise and emissions. In connection with the above, we draw up:

  • opinions containing interpretation of legal provisions regarding environmental protection for the purposes of investment and in the course of administrative proceedings,
  • analyses of regulatory environment of companies, resulting from law of environmental protection,
  • analyses and due diligence reports with respect to potential risks and liability for environmental law breach,
  • analyses for the needs of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate concerning damage to the natural environment both already known and to be revealed in the future (pollution of soil, water, etc.),
  • analyses concerning obligations connected with being awarded environmental permits and the possibility of their transfer to third partie,
  • action plans concerning environmental impact assessments,
  • draft contract documentation.

We also represent the Clients in court and administrative proceedings, where we act before:

  • public administration bodies with regard to the cases related to the environmental protection (regarding the non-environmental infringement and restitution of the previous state, water and sewage management, waste treatment, penalties, charges and liability for damage to the environment),
  • state administration bodies with regard to the cases related to the issuance of the environmental decisions, integrated decisions, permits for emission of the substances and energy to the environment,
  • common courts with regard to the cases related to the infringement of the regulations providing for the liability for the pollution of the environment.

We emphasize our experience in the field of drafting agreements on sale of the right to green-house gases emission and explanation of the related legal issues. We have gained the relevant experience while representing the Polish Government in dispute with the European Commission.