Intellectual and industrial property

D.Dobkowski LP has had long experience in providing its Clients with advice on business-related use of intellectual and industrial property.

The said rights, although intangible, are of major significance in business and, very often, of high economic value, decisive for reputation, commercial recognition, market position and competitive edge of an entrepreneur. It is hardly possible to find an entrepreneur whose activity would not involve using intellectual property rights or effects of its employees or contractors’ work.

In view of the above, our Law Firm renders services covering trading in intellectual and industrial property rights, protection against their infringement, support in disputes referring to such rights, securing claims, as well as obtaining and maintaining protection (with reference to all types of works, computer programs, trademarks, designations, patents, utility models, industrial designs, know-how and other). Our experience in that respect is described in section Telecommunications, New Technology, IT Law.

We provide advice on business use of designations of products and services (labels, brands, logotypes, etc.), and deal with transfers of technologies (proprietary rights, licenses) in domestic and international transactions. Our advisory services cover also use of copyrights for the purposes of promotion and advertising in the Internet and the media.

We are involved in the property protection issues in Poland, the EU and worldwide, where we act both in court disputes and before authorities competent for industrial and intellectual property registration and protection (Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante (OHIM), other offices and authorities competent for protection of designations and patents under respective international treaties and conventions). We support our Clients in combating unfair competition, piracy and palming off of goods, and in their actions against deceptive advertising.

As part of the capital groups transformations and entities restructuring we prepare optimization projects involving reuse of proprietary rights over intangible assets.

Among our Clients are: well-established commercial networks and centers, dealer and franchise networks, entities operating within the media and advertising markets.