Litigation, arbitration and risk management

D.Dobkowski LP has a team of advocates and attorneys-at-law with wide experience in domestic and international litigation and arbitration proceedings in virtually all the fields of law and types of proceedings. Our wide experience in these areas covers also representing our Clients before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

Litigation we are involved in covers in particular:

Civil and economic cases

  • we provide complex legal services within the scope of drafting all pleas and pleadings, also in proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings, as well as representing the Clients before common courts, the Supreme Court and courts of arbitration, both in Poland and abroad.

Labor law cases

  • we majorly represent employers in proceedings instituted by employees, in particular with reference to payment of remuneration for work, claims referring to dissolution of employment relationship and financial liability of employees.

Administrative cases

  • we represent our Clients in proceedings before administrative authorities, Voivodeship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, in particular with reference to cases instituted under the construction law, spatial development law, environmental law, tax law and customs code.

Penal cases

  •  our team of experienced advocates handles cases referring to offences against business transactions and proceedings instituted under the penal fiscal code.

We also provide risk management assistance to our Clients through:

  • reviewing company’s organizational and operating structure and mapping key risk areas related to individual responsibility of each of the individual management team members and key personnel,
  • verifying whether the governance and decision making rules within the company allow for a clear allocation of duties and responsibilities among the individual management team members and key personnel.