Mergers and acquisitions

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP has long experience in the provision of legal advisory services on acquisitions and mergers of companies and their restructuring. Our Cliests are prominent domestic and foreign investors from both private and public sector.

The M&A team is composed of lawyers, who have successfully handled both domestic and international high-status transactions over many years. Each project is handled by a team set specifically for that purpose and comprising lawyers who specialize in applicable branches of law. In addition, we strictly cooperate with KPMG tax and accounting experts, which enables us to provide our Clients with comprehensive and multidisciplinary assistance.

In the M&A area we render comprehensive legal services comprising most often the following:

Due Diligence

We have considerable experience in carrying out due diligence analyses and owner’s reviews (including the so-called vendor’s due diligence), as well as drawing up reports for the purposes of the enterprises’ consolidation/restructuring. Analyses we prepare are aimed at identifying potential legal risks before the investor makes its strategic business decisions. The scope of analyses and the level of their detail is each time agreed with the Client and adjusted to the Client’s needs and specificity of the transaction.

Determining the projected transaction structure and optimization of its costs

Taking into account both legal and tax status of the entities engaged in a certain project, we develop an optimum legal and tax transaction model. Thanks to our cooperation with KPMG tax and accounting experts we ensure a comprehensive approach to the above issues.

Legal assistance in the transaction

The Law Firm provides complete legal assistance in the transactions of all types, i.e., performed on shares and/or businesses or on assets. As part of our legal assistance, we draft relevant agreements, gather the required documentation and support our Clients in the negotiation process. We also provide comprehensive services with reference to the transaction closing and the so-called post-acquisition services.

Employee-related issues

In the course of the transaction or restructuring, we advise our Clients on all employee-related matters as well as issues pertaining to trade unions and collective laboor agreements. Our support covers also existing or planned management remunerating systems.

Transaction financing and refinancing

We offer complex legal support to institutions that finance or refinance transactions. Our services in that respect cover in particular project finance advice. Our lawyers have broad experience in drafting and reviewing finance-related documentation, and providing advice on the required equity contribution.

Post-transaction legal issues

We offer our Clients comprehensive legal assistance as regards any and all issues arising as a result of takeovers or mergers of businesses. The above refers to consolidation, standardization and integration of employment or contract issues within the broadly defined corporate area.