Penal liability of collective entities / governing bodies’ members

Legal sanctions may refer also to legal persons and other organizational units. Both the commencement of penal proceedings and their result may vitally threaten an entity’s business interest and its reputation.

The Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP, in order to meet its Client’s expectations, created a team of criminal business law experts who, thanks to their long and extensive experience, are able to perfectly comprehend the Client’s business environment and tailor our offer to individual needs. Our advisory services cover in particular:

Organizing and conducting trainings for managerial staff

We organize and conduct trainings aimed at providing managerial staff with information on penal liability and presenting solutions that help avoiding infringement of the law.

Drafting opinions

We draw up legal opinions on legal risks connected with penal liability of business entities and their management. Opinions include fact analysis, their compliance/incompliance with legal requirements and recommendations concerning the identified risks and inaccuracies.


This service is addressed to legal persons and organizational units, and leads to introduction of internal procedures aimed at eliminating the risk of such entities’ liability for forbidden acts. Procedures drawn up by our experts take into account each branch’s specificity and the Client’s corporate structure. In addition, we adjust international/foreign procedures to Polish law requirements and corporate practice.

Legal audit aimed at identifying and eliminating risk of occurrence of the grounds for penal liability

We analyze documents of the Client, being a legal person or an organizational unit, with a view to identifying possible risks connected with the Client, as a collective entity’s, liability for prohibited acts.

Client representation

We represent the Clients at all stages of penal proceedings and proceedings concerning collective entities’ liability for forbidden acts involving, in particular, offences against business trading, money and securities trading, and tax offences.