Bankruptcy and restructuring

The team of the Law Firm of D. Dobkowski LP has been for many years providing advice on carrying out rehabilitation and bankruptcy procedures. We provide our Clients with the assistance in the event of both loss and the threatening loss of their liquidity, as well as in the financial problems our Clients have due to reasons resting with their debtors.

If financial difficulties occur and our Clients face the risk of insolvency, we advise on business restructuring and bankruptcy and rehabilitation procedures. We are perfectly aware that dynamic changes in financial situation of business entities necessitate fast and effective reaction.

Our lawyers efficiently merge their experience gained in providing our Clients with day-to-day legal advisory services with professional knowledge of bankruptcy and rehabilitation law, rehabilitation procedures and the specificity of cross-border bankruptcy procedures.

Acting as part of the KPMG structure, we offer our Clients comprehensive legal advisory services based on our cooperation with other KPMG departments in Poland and worldwide, in particular within the scope of tax, economic and financial analysis, which enables us to protect our Clients’ interest in cross-border restructuring.

We assist our Clients in bankruptcy procedures, i.e., depending on the needs, we draw up legal analyses concerning permissibility and cost effectiveness of declaration of bankruptcy, assess asset-related and penal risks that may have to be faced by members of the companies’ bodies due to the financial situation of the entities they manage. We provide advice on consequences of the declaration of bankruptcy for the bankrupt and the creditors, including advice on the binding effect of acts in law carried out by the bankrupt. We represent the Clients in litigation, and in relations with the official receiver or bankruptcy estate administrator, we draft petitions in bankruptcy, petitions for rehabilitation procedure opening, pleadings, complaints and motions required in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, such documents covering, among others, submission of claims, advice on the arrangement conclusion and revocation, management of property included in the bankruptcy estate, bankruptcy estate liquidation, seeking claims against the bankrupt.