Protection of competition and state aid

For many years, the competition law and state aid team of D. Dobkowski LP Law Firm has been providing advisory services connected with anti-monopoly regulations, relating to horizontal and vertical agreements executed between undertakings (including in particular those connected with the execution of distribution agreements).

Agreements and dominant position

We render comprehensive advisory services in the area of managing cartel cases, including the application of leniency, and the cases relating to the abuse of the dominant position.

We also conduct due diligence analyses of businesses as regards their compliance with the competition law and review the contractual provisions in terms of compliance.


The Law Firm provides advisory services relating to concentrations of undertakings, including those relating to sales of shares, company mergers, divisions and takeovers of companies, as well as joint venture agreements, including in particular proceedings before the Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Office and the European Commission.

State aid

Our Law Firm offers services in the area of state aid to the beneficiaries as well as the granting authorities and competitors of the state aid beneficiaries.

Counteracting unfair competition and protecting collective interest of consumers

We provide legal assistance in counteracting unfair competition and in cases involving infringement of collective interest of consumers; in particular we analyse certain market practices in the light of the provisions of law in force and represent our Clients in disputes, including those before common courts and the Competition and Consumer Protection Office.